B2B Sales Process Transformation

We help business owners revolutionize sales practices. From optimization, process development, scaling and measurement.

Do you want to upskill your team for the new world?

What can we offer?

We work with each client to develop a sound model. From there we develop management tools, process design, measurement and reporting, and train your team.



Every Industry is different. As is each Market Segment, Product, Offer, Customer etc. Its important we develop a solid model of the business to base everything.



We’ll work with you to understand, review and optimise your sales management and sales processes. These processes are then simple to implement, train, measure and repeat!



Once we get the fundamentals right, we help you scale the business. Sometimes that includes recruitment, however most of the time you can scale without appointing new staff.



Now you can hustle faster, better cheaper and more consistently. 


Many Clients suffer the same issues across their businesses. Do you have any of these challenges in your business?


Leads & Opportunities

Does the phone ring? Where do the leads come from? Whose job is it to get new leads? How many do you convert? Are your leads relevant to your business?




Who puts the deals together? How long does it take? Where does the content come from? How many active deals do you have? What the value of your pipeline?



How much time do your staff actually spend selling? How much do they win? Whats the cycle time from lead, to offer to close? What is the follow up?



How do you onboard new sales people? How long does it take for them to be effective? What is your ROI to bring in a new person, and get them performing?


We see challenges as opportunities for improvement. Only once you fully understand the problem can you determine the best solution.

There is no set script, we’ll work with you to develop insight around those challenges and execute for the best outcome.



TMC Capital can help you develop new marketing initiatives, and digital lead development.

Your prospecting should be largely automated and produce consistent results.


Proposal Processes

TMC Capital will implement new tools to ensure your team can get deals out FAST. 
Stop writing your ideas manually, and create more time to focus on real selling.


Close Rate

A 50% increase in close rate is generally far more cost effective than generating a 50% increase in enquiry.

TMC Capital will train your team in closing tactics and winning more.



TMC Capital’s transformative approach means you can bring in new people, and have them performing much faster.

You can scale your business with less risk and less effort.



CRM - Relationship Management

Sales oriented process optimisation

Your CRM will be the foundation upon which we build everything. All your processes will be mapped out and automated wherever possible.

Having sound experience working with numerous clients in various industries mean we can help you select the best tools for the job.


Proposal Automation

Fast, Consistent, winning proposals

Does your team ever get stuck putting a proposals together? Have you ever been unable to find the proposal sent into your customer? Produce awesome, curated, rapid proposals consistently everytime. Your team will love this, and they can focus on selling – not telling!



Process Optimization

Review, Revise, Optimise, Repeat

So many of our clients have process and practices that don’t get reviewed. With the digital age, there are so many ways to simplify your back office, and reduce labour. 

Coming from outside, and with ur experience we can vastly improve your workflow, increasing your teams time to sell.



Sales Training & Coaching

On demand sales training and performance review

Is simply dummy text of We know how hard it can be to find the time to continually develop your team. Thats why we assist business owners and sales managers to work in collaboration with each team member.

We’ll quickly work out who needs what support, and implement new skills, practices, discipline and self awareness. 

How can we help you?

Weather you need help with something simple or an entire review, we’ve only too happy to help. Get in touch and let’s just have a conversation.

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